Press a SWITCH and clear your Trailer.

Text Box: Snow*Be*Gone, Inc.

Snow Removal Blade

Snow Be Gone is an automated system which works directly from the truck or trailer electrical system.

Press the switch in the CAB and let Snow Be Gone clear your trailer or truck top of snow in minutes.

Snow Be Gone, Inc.

601 Boston Post Road

Suite 9

Milford, CT 06460

To contact us:

Phone: 203.874-6010
Fax: 203.929-6719

1. Gone is the hazard of falling snow from your truck with minimal effort and gets you rolling quicker.

2. Gone is the added weight and cost.

3. Avoid State Police stops for violation regarding snow blowing from your truck, thus saving you MONEY!

4. Comply with OSHA rules regarding snow removal.

5. Safe to use on all types of rooftops, including fiber glass.


This patented design only adds 1/2 inch to the height of your truck or trailer. It tucks away neatly in front of the box.

Blade Drive Gear

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Removal from the front

Along the top

From the back to the front

Blade coming to rest

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at work!